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What is Remote Tech Support?
A qualified technician will connect to your desktop or laptop computer through the Internet, and you can watch all the work happen on your own screen as we take control of your machine, and get it up and running again. The whole process is entirely safe, secure, and as our software works on a single use basis, we will not have access to your machine after the repair takes place. Remote tech support is perfect for resolving virus and spyware issues, computers running slower than they should be, set up and install new computer or Windows problems.

How safe is it to connect to my computer?
We utilize a 256 bit encryption process, the same as your bank or financial institution uses. This makes the connection completely safe and secure, and we can only access your computer with your permission. You will be able to see us control your desktop and you may terminate the remote session, on your end, at any time you wish.

Can anyone else see my files while you are connected?
No - Our software initiates a secure connection for our technician only, meaning that no one else will be able to connect to your computer, or get access to your data during, or after the work has been completed.

What do I need to have on my computer?
The more important thing to have is a reasonable internet connection. The only other thing you require is a web browser - we take care of the rest! At the moment, this service is only offered to Microsoft Windows based systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you are not sure if you have a remote support ready machine, please contact our office and we would be more than willing to assist you.

What is PC HUB all about?
PC HUB is one of the fastest growing IT Support company in United States. We provide friendly technical support for PC's over the phone for busy consumers and small business for affordable price.
Our Certified and expert technician have assisted many customers with computer related issues across United States with best resolution rate and customer satisfaction.
Our Global Support and Delivery Center sees amazing traffic but our customers never feel like a number. We are here to help you, understand the problems you are dealing with and help you like we are helping our own family.

What type of services does is PC HUB offer?
PC HUBservices includes: Data backup Service, Anti Virus and Anti Spyware Support, PC-Tune-Up, Internet Setup and Support, iPods and MP3 Player Support, Digital Camera Setup and Support, E-mail Setup and Support, Printer Setup and Support, Web Services and Remote Data Entry.

What is pricing structure for different services?
PC HUB offers one-time resolution for any software related issue with your computer for just $149.99 and $199.99 One month unlimited support ..

What type of technology does PC HUB service?
Our friendly and certified technician are abreast with the latest technology available to support on PC's running with Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and devices including printers, digital cameras, camcorders, I pods and mp3 players.

What computer brands can PC HUB help me with?
We provide support for all Microsoft® Windows® platform and applications no matter which computer brand and where you purchased it from.

What should I expect from PC HUB service?
When you call PC HUB, you'll speak with a friendly technology expert who will diagnose and fix any software related issues with your computer. All you need to do is to allow the technician to take remote access of your computer, by downloading our safe, secure and user friendly software on your pc. During the remote session, you can sit in front of your computer and watch the steps performed by the technician to resolve the issue.

Why is remote support better than traditional tech support?
Remote support is safer, more convenient and faster than traditional tech support. PC HUBcan fix any software related issues with your computer or the external devices connected to it by using safe , secure and user friendly technology that allows you to watch every step of the process.
With remote support, you don't have to bother with unplugging your computer and taking it any where or having a stranger come to your home to fix it.

What do I need to get remote support?
All you need to be by your computer and have working internet connection.

What hours is PC HUB available?
We are available round the clock 24×7.

What methods of payments can I use?
PC HUB accepts all major credit cards online and over the phone.

Are PC HUB services guaranteed?
All PC HUB services come with a money-back guarantee, if due to any reason, our PC HUB Experts are unable to resolve your existing computer problem, or if you are not happy with the service during or at completion.
Also PC HUB provides a month guarantee period, that if you face the same issues that were fixed by our experts with in a months time we will provide you with the same continuous service depending on service plans and conditions.

How do I sign up for service?
Visit us on

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CA AntiVirus Support
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Trend Micro Support
Comodo AntiVirus Support
E-Scan AntiVirus Support
Bitdefender AntiVirus Support
Shield Deluxe AntiVirus Support
Vipre AntiVirus Support
E-SET NOD32 AntiVirus Support
F-Secure AntiVirus Support
AhnLab AntiVirus Support
Webroot AntiVirus Support
Rising AntiVirus Support
Quick Heal AntiVirus Support
MS Security Essentials Support
Firewall Support
Virus Removal
Spyware Removal
Adware Removal
Malware Removal
Computer Optimization
Computer Optimization
Data Backup Solution
Registry Repair
Blue Screen Error
Slow Computers
Laptop Support
Software Support
System 32 Error Repair
Disclaimer: PC HUB is an independent organization of remote technical support for software, hardware and computer peripherals. We have expertise in products from a wide variety of third party companies. We do not have any affiliation or represent any of these third parties unless expressly specified.PC HUB technicians are PC HUB Certified Technicians but do not necessarily hold any certifications from any third party unless expressly specified.
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